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Harness for change 02 XLT Explorer premium HU to aftermarket HU


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August 7, 2002
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92 XLT, 2002 XLT
Hi fellow Explorer Enthusiasts:
I own a 2002 XLT 4 Door 4x4 Explorer which comes with the premium sound system, I mean, the HU with cassette an one CD. (not the Audiophile or Mach systems)
As far I know, this radio has no external amplifier, but in the rear of the unit there are two harnesses, one big that the other.
I already have the METRA bracket to install the aftermarket HU, but I need help to find the right harness to make the swap.
Do I need one or two harnesses?
Do you guys know what is the part number of Metra or from other provider for the right harness?
Here are a couple of pictures of the factory installed HU that I want to change:


All advices will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

I don't see any pics but that doesn't sound like the premium sound system. It is an upgrade from the tape player in the XLS though.

I have an 03 XLT and it had the single disc with a tape player. No external amplifier or sub. I replaced it a few days ago. The factory cd/tape had 2 plugs. The harness only had accommodations for one of the plugs so that is all I used. Everything works perfectly.

I have no idea what the other plug was for, unless it is for the tape player.

I used this harness:

Comparing the wiring in this thread would indicate you need the harness mentioned above. The only loss you will realize is the steering wheel control, which you would lose anyway without an adapter.

Per the service manual, the only difference between the DM100 (Premium) & the CDX6 (Audiophile) besides the aforementioned CD/Cassette vs. CD6 is the outboard sub amplifier and sub. Both of those units worked with the factory overhead DVD unit which is why you have the additional connector. The Audiophiles had 3 different connectors.

Thanks for the advice, guys.
I already bought the Metra 70-1771 harness in eBay.
I'm just waiting the mail to get the harness and install my new radio.
All the best.