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Hartman's interior projects

how much it run you? the piece from the junkyard that is.

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I got the gauge bezel for $20 and the radio bezel for $10.

looks nice. why dont you fill the seam around where the guages are at? sort of an unecessary line IMO.

Because the middle part is going to be charcoal metallic and the outside part is going to be black. ;)

very nice.. i try to work with part's from the junk yard too..if i don't like it i still have my stock stuff..i have that part from a local junk yard..got it for $10

good job, looks great so far.

I have been working on my interior for about 3 years now. Last weekend I finally yanked both seats ato fix the recline levers. I also ended up sewing a part of the cover on the drivers side back together. ( finally). The leather was splitting and it was getting worse.
The recline levers came out great, I ended up using a nylon strap for both sides instead of Ford crappy metal lever that always brakes. Took me 15 min to sew each one up and install, I had to drill out the rivets however.
I will get some pics.......

I also found my wild horses center console bit the dust. This is one of those plastic ones I had re-covered in vinyl to match my interior, so I will be mocking up a complete custom center console from scratch, cardboard, wood and glass, will go in this project. Cupholders, CB, gages, switches, storage, palm pilot mount (GPS) and my Music Keg will all be incorporated into the design.

I also got some new seatbelts (mine have 258K miles on them and no worky so good anymore, plus they are brown still yuk!) but they are grey, so I am going to dye them black.

After the console build and seatbelt install I have two more steps to finnaly finish then custom interior, a new carpet kit to match (mocha, stock carept still there! gross brown/orange) and to paint the bottom 1/2 of my metal BII dash. :)

I have been following this thread and I like the idea of re-finishing some of the plastic trim in my 88 BII interior. Now that I am elite I will get some pics re-sized and posted, with a write up. So far I have re-done 96% of my interior, from stock two tone crappy cloth and plastic brwon and orange, to custom leather single color mocha with parts from everything from 89-98 :) Almost there!

Oh and almost everything I have used has either been custom or from the junk yard. I gutted a 90 eddie Bauer BII for all trim and headliner, i got seats from a 98 EB Ex 4 door, I got visors from a 97, teh dash is custom 88 re-worked by me, etc etc it goes on and on. :)

Keep it up Hartman, looks great so far!!!

Originally posted by Hartman
Because the middle part is going to be charcoal metallic and the outside part is going to be black. ;)
thats gonna look really good. i like the two tone "black/almost black" look. :thumbsup:

yeah, that does sound cool.

new pics! :D looking great

what you do w/ the defrost/wiper switches? My bulbs in those are dead....

do you still have them? :D


Now that its getting warmer here in Indianapolis. What are planning to finish up or start new projects with your truck?

Right now I'm focusing on my new sub enclosure.