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Has any body put an Atlas in a 2nd generation Ex


December 26, 2001
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US ARMY- MacDill AFB Tampa FL
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1996 Explorer EB
undefined Has anybody put an atlas in thier 2nd generation ex. What problems did anybody have. Currently have 96 with 4405. I was wondering if I would still have to turn the switch from 2 wd to 4 auto. Also currently when I engage 4 auto or 4 lo. when the front wheels engage, I get load thumping noise from the drivers side front. CVs are good. thought it was drive shaft, its good. Best way to descibe sound. bad u joints. Just for the record I have been able to go most places M998 (HMMVEES for those not in the Army) can go to include mud. Yes I play in the Training Areas Here in Germany.

96 Explorer TT, 3 in body, 305/70/16 (33-12.50)XTerains

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i know Ray Loberto and Jefe have not sure about others. Might want to search for it

boominXplorer said:
i know Ray Loberto and Jefe have not sure about others. Might want to search for it

Have done search found 1st gen not 2nd

Jefe for sure, check SAS forum.

I've got one as mentioned. :D

Heres my questions/install thread: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47306

Couldn't find my thread wih the installed pics so:



After Bodylift removal:


If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

What I need to know. What did you have to do to lock front axel. I know 97 and up is electric. 95-96 is air powered. This stoped me from buying RCD Kit.Will I have to do the Brown wire thing? I am getting a good deal From Advance Adapters 2400.00 including shipping. (Air freight) to Germany. Unless any of the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard Members out there can get it into Ramstien for me. Any suggestions about other problem.

96 ex, 3 in body, TT, Add a leafs( Mods Coming 4.56 Gears, Locker, Transfer case, 35s, Fenders from Perrys)

The 98+ axle does not have the vacuum actuator, so it is always locked. So I didn't have to do anything there. I beleive that you can wire the actuator up so it will continue to work (just flip a switch), you could modify it so it is always locked (cap the vacuum line off while its locked), or you could put a 98+ diff housing in and have one less part to worry about. The brown wire mod is changing how the T-case works so that won't do anything for you.