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Has anybody replace their control arms with Moog?


October 29, 2012
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04 Sport Trac XLS 4X4
I can't seem to get the correct parts from Parts Geek. I wanted Moog ball joints, upper and lower for both sides. Thought I'd save some money by ordering from PG. A few days ago I received a Mevotech for the drivers side. I'm sending it back. I got the passenger side today and something isn't right. In the box it has a package with the grease fitting, nut, bolt, and a instruction guide that's dated October 1998. The arm itself looks a little aged (slight brown tint) and the number "80167F-right" is cast on it. I googled that number and the first thing that popped up was a forum from this great site in the ranger section. The guy in that thread was working on a late 90's model ranger.

I'm wondering if anyone else has came across this issue or has any info about it. Is it the right part?

As of right now, I plan on requesting a return label from those people tomorrow night and go ahead and spent a extra $100 to get the right stuff from my local parts store like I should have done in the first place.

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I agree with swshawaii, Rock Auto rocks, and stay with Moog, you won't be sorry!

I agree with you guys about sticking with the Moog products and I most certainly will. I'm a little concerned about the authenticity of this part. Part number on the box matches the part numbers that are advertised on other sites and matched the numbers that swshawaii has mentioned in other post. BUT it has the numbers casted on it and I did some comparing, I laid the control arm on the original control arm that is on my Trac now and it seems to be around a 1/8 inch too wide between the bushings. Is that normal?

Did you all's control arm look like this?



Just got mine in the mail yesterday from rock auto all moog parts and yes thats what the upper looks like.

Thanks kodybud. The number on them had me worried.

You can always go to http://www.moogproblemsolver.com/ to confirm the correct part numbers first. Also check out the prices on Amazon, quick free shipping and better prices than Rock Auto sometimes.

One word of warning on Moog parts. They've started selling a lower priced R-Series of parts that are made in China, the part numbers start with RK. The original American made part numbers start with a K or CK. At least this is what the Internet as been telling me . . .

Good luck and have fun saving money on labor!!! I replaced the front end on my 2000 XLT with all Moog parts a couple of years ago with minimal hand tools and scraped fingers and saved over $1000 based on what the dealership wanted.


Another warning to guys using Amazon. Be careful not to be in a rush like i was. I have been sent the wrong left upper control arm twice. The product is under review as it seems others have sent theirs back as well. They seem to keep sending out a knockoff that has the same exact part number. It comes in a white box with some other company name, says made in china and does NOT come with the zerk fitting. So know im waiting for the refund and probably gonna check out Rock Auto. Just my .02.

Rock Auto Rocks! Never have been "steered" wrong by them...( pun intended)