Has anyone made quick-removal doors like Jeep Wranglers? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Has anyone made quick-removal doors like Jeep Wranglers?


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August 21, 2008
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'99 Explorer 2wd Edd.B
I'm thinking if I could cut the pins then I could get some #8 hardened pins or long bolts that I could take the doors on/off like on an old Jeep Wrangler BUT we have all the electric stuff in the door.

Has anyone made quick on/off doors? Maybe relocated speakers, made crank or slide windows like in an old CJ or old Land Rover????

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No one has as far as I know, the door electrical unplugs at kick panel. Rest would be easy to do.

It was talked about here years ago, but I'm not sure if anyone ever did it. Try searching way back, 10-12 years.

Paul S has some really nice doors, but they aren't quick release.




Does anyone know what size the hinge pin is? I'd like to install an off the shelf bolt or hinge pin if one is available. Should be easy enough to make quick release doors then.