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has anyone tried this?


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October 3, 2004
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91 XLT
instead of using a 2 inch coil spacer, has anyone tried using a 3 inch body lift block to take its place? ive thought about doing it before but im not too sure it would work. think it would?

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hey dannyboy, how much of a lift do u have to fit your 37s?

Why not just get some different springs - the longer ones will flex better anyway?

The earlier Ford F150 springs work great - almost an exact match for the Explorers, only about 5" longer (mid 70's years with the straight axle) - get them out of the salvage yard for cheap...

Here are a couple pics that I took of different springs... they are arranged according to the size of the springs (wire diameter - not just length - as wire diameter - carry capacity - the first two sets are too heavy for the Ex...)

The yellow ones on the left are 3" lift for a mid 80's full size Bronco

The red ones next are 3" lift Ranchos for a 72 Early Bronco

The rusty ones next are stock mid 70's F 150

Next comes a set of stock 92 Explorer

And finally, the single spring is stock 86 Ranger STX (factory 2" lift - note the spring spacers - and the fact that there is only one spring - and it is OUT of the truck... :thumbdwn: )



anything over 1.5-2" of lspacer will make it so you cannot align the camber (on a 4x4 truck) The largest camber shim they offer is 2.75, and on most trucks this will bring the camber back into spec with the F-150 spacer wich is 1-5/8" tall. It is not uncommon to still have slightly + camber after this

GLF, The F150 coils, any idea how they affect the ride height? whats the free height? Looks like they'll have plenty of droop, assuming the rate is light enough to compress them at rest... I keep coming back to coilovers tho. By the time I add a couple Bilstein 7100's to each corner, I might as well start with CO's. Around, and around, and around, and around....