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has the quality of superlift changed?


November 20, 2012
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Grand Junction, Colorado
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1993 Explorer XL
Thinking of doing the 4 inch on my 93 xl. I was just wondering if the radius arm cracking and punching holes in differentials deal has been sorted out.

Also would you recommend rough country over super lift?

My truck is my dd/mild wheeling when I have time

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My thought is simple, don't risk it.

The only lifts I've found that won't break or suck are Skyjacker or james duff. Anything else seems to fall apart.

You could do a Rough Country (I think someone just barely posted before and after pics in this section of a 4" Rough Country). I think I would rate the super lift above the rough country. I got to help adamsbro do a little on his rig, The Hulk, and I think the radius arms have been beefed up. If you look at his thread there are a couple good pictures of the radius arms towards the latter half of the second page.

I did a James Duff (2.5" - 3") and loved it! They also offer a 5.5" lift which is basically a 2.5 with bigger coils and SOA.

Naasau has Skyjacker Suspension under his rig and it is pretty awesome! One of his threads shows the brackets pretty clearly along with the radius arms.

And lastly, for the links:

Super Lift 5.5" - http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=356278&page=2

James Duff 2.5" - http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=354399&page=4

Skyjacker 6" - http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=353367

Hopefully this didn't muddle the answer, but maybe this will give you something to look at that can help give you a better idea of what kind of hardware is involved with each separate lift.

Dude suicide77 you kick ass

i work part time for a car dealership that sells and installs rough country lifts. honestly i like how rough country products are put together.

Well I've been thinking and im probably going to keep it stock height and replace some old worn out suspension components, put 31s on it and start saving for a lift for next year.

Lol, you guys are too nice. Besides, I learned everything I know right here on EF with a LOT of help from Naasau and hands on help from Adamsbro :) Glad it helped

Superlift did solve the diff-punching issue I think around 2003 or so (new full-replacement bracket).
I think I had heard the radius arms had been redesigned too, but I can't confirm that.
There's still the issue with the brackets being weak however (even the above new-design one).

Like was said, stick with Skyjacker or james Duff and you should be fine.
For a cheaper budget option, Tuff Country is decent (not to be confused with Rough Country, which still punches diffs), though TC is still not up to the same standards as SJ or JD.