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Hate Tickets, But She Wants To Run!!!

Have had a bunch going on folks, sorry its been so long! Tore the rotator cuff on my right arm, doing the therapy thing like the Dr. said! Got photos on face book now, but...motor was dropped off at the shop with a bunch of $'s in november, I told him to take his time with winter on the way. I have been quite busy on the truck in the garage, few badges, doing what I can on the intake, interior etc. and adding lights to the front, moving the a/c condenser a bit forward to allow for the bigger radiator and fan, and I have not had a chance to wash her off for another photo session yet, will try tuesday to do just that, thanks for the continued interest!

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"Another" photo session? You haven't posted any here and the Myspace ones suck. C'mon, I want to see this truck!

Have 12 Full Size Pictures On Facebook. Trying Guy's/ I'm Trying

ok, and were all here.

heres what i want you to do, go right click on one of your photos on facebook. click "copy image location"

reply to this thread

either use the image button or paste the link within the image tags. the tags are

that will allow you to post the picture here.

come on man we have to see this

Hope that did it! I'm not to good on these things!

You must have a face book account to view that page.

That is a really nice Explorer! I love it!

I'll post your pics for you on here in a minute.

As Night Crawler Was Before The Deer In October 2008. It Had Been In The Family For A Good While At This Point, I Bought It From My Dad 2004, Who Was Second Owner In 1998

Fresh After Paint In March 2009

The Silver Starts At The Front Edge Of The Hood, And Ends At The Third Brake Light On The Rear

I Put The Traction Bars On For "Dramatic Effect" For My Mechanic....It Worked! LOL. I Will Be Removing Them I Think, Drops The Clearance To 5 Inches, But They Sure Got His Attention HaHa

If I Have The Lettuce When The Engine And Computer Are Finished, I'll Be After These!

Had To Do The Pull Handles In Gray, Was The Only Replacement Color Available. They were Black.

Night Crawler again, sure likes to run. I Love it when everyone else on the road has a newer vehicle, with a governor, or rev limiter, and shut down at 90! HaHa Little sucker'll run 130! Can't wait to break in the big, new engine!

Another Shot Of NightCrawler, This Side Was Crunched By The Deer In 08; Frame, Bodywork And Paint Done At A Local Shop!

Night Crawler, December 2010; Waiting For Engine
"As She Sits, $6700 So Far But I Can't Really Say That Cause I Paid For The Engine Work Up Front. So Actually $9700 With A Bunch Yet To Do = Huge Radiator When I Pick Up The Motor, Bigger Fan, Heavy Duty Clutch, Computer Work, & New Wheels!"

Sweet truck, but man those pics were a pain to post with downloading from facebook, uploading to photobucket, copypasting captions... you owe me a digital one! Ha!

But seriously, www.photobucket.com is a great resource for free internet picture sharing and works very well with these forums. Alternately if you pay for a year subscription to Elite Explorer status ($20 and worth it IMO) you can upload pictures and other attachments directly to Explorer Forum.

Arco777, thanks man, hope others can appreciate it as much! Now with dad gone, thats the only "Radio" I have for talking with him, thanks for the help man!

No problem; your truck looks great but the only thing I don't care for is the window rain guards. They're a bit large. But it is getting hard to find rain guards that fit the 2 door anymore. I think VentVisor made the last set I had and they were pretty slick. Also the Lund rear air deflector is a nice addon that I think looks good on the Sport and makes it stand out more. See attached pictures, it's not a closeup but you get the idea.

First gen 2-doors are awesome. Anyways I'm located about 8 hours from you so if you need any hard to find parts for your truck or want to get rid of any extra parts let me know!


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Well what do you know; "Like minds" I can't tell you how bad I've wanted one of those air foils off of the back of those old vans, you know, the ones that direct the air to the back window to help it stay clean in the rain! Does it work as good as it looks? And I WANT THE GRILL OFF THE WHITE ONE!!!!!!! If you ever need those inside door pulls for the 2-doors Let me know, I think I saved the box with the address, I bought 3 = 2 RT. 1 LT only $19.95 each

Oh, I Almost forgot man, I Have "PERFECT" chrome facia trim, after the deer I had to get it back on the road for a bit, and all the headlight trim, and the grill in chrome came off when she was restored. If yours has a blemish of any kind, there yours just let me know ok, least i can do for the pics!

Just an update

My engine magician had 3 small heart attacks last month, but as of this past week he called me and said "I can't stand it anymore, got to get busy!" He's back at it, and so am I. $500 in more parts ordered = Heavy duty clutch, bigger fan, better fan clutch, and some decals.

Update on Photos

If you're curious as to how else to see photos of my ride: go to google, select images, type in Modified 91 Explorer NightCrawler, and hit search.


is it just me or these stripes dont match??the ones on the roof look wider,maybe they do but didnt think the roof was that much smaller.also should have brought the down under the grill and down the back tail gate.im going to be doing the same thing but with smaller stripes

Sorry, Was Holding My Nokia E-51 Over My Head To Take This = Looks Like The Stripe On The Roof Is Crooked Too; Straight As An Arrow And Smooth As Glass, But In The Photo: The Right Headlight = The Side The Deers Head Hit, Did Survive! You Can See The Left One Is Bran New, Lol

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That's Sweet looking, Sounds like it is fun to drive.