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have power to radio but no stations


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June 16, 2011
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herndon va
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03 eb explorer
2003 EB Explorer: years ago my dad got a cd stuck in the cd player, it belong to the library. so i removed the radio and did was able to get the cd out. while reinstalling it i screwed up the power drivers seat no movement but still HEATS also no power petal. so, my now problem is while trying to figure out the stupid seat (need it to work to teach kid to drive) i messed up the radio.. all fuses good all relays good (even #3 on the top side of fuse panel). according to diagram fuse #29 is to have power, but i have none, and #28 also does not have 12 amps
what am i missing? the radio has lighted buttons and if you press menu you can see time.