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Having serious trouble finding spindles.


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January 9, 2021
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North Benton
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01 sport trac xlt
I'm having a lot of trouble finding a used set of spindles to fit my 01 sport trac 2wd. I can't find anywhere that states what year spindles will fit it and from what other models. I've tried part interchanges and I was wondering what all it would entail to swap to 2wd ranger Spindles or if they would bolt right up.

You need the spindles for a 2wd 01 Sport Trac, then the same gen will work, plus the 01-03 Explorer Sport(2dr not 4dr). Those are all "2nd gen" front suspensions with the same 12" front rotors.

I'm not sure when or if the Ranger ever got the larger 12" rotor. If they did in any up to the 2011 Rangers, those would work also for the 2WD spindles. Someone else will chime in about what front brakes the Rangers had from 1998-2011. Those all have 2nd gen front suspensions, but the brake rotor size must match yours for the spindle to work. You can check the rotor application for those yourself and figure it out too. The key there is you have 12" rotors, and the older models and maybe all the Rangers, had 11" front rotors.

The difference is in the distance of the caliper mounting holes, in yours they are 1/2" farther apart, seen below in this picture of a 99 spindle versus a 2003 Sport Trac spindle(note these are 4WD, but the calipers used are identical).