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hawaii wheelin


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May 3, 2008
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vancouver washington now i reside in hawaii
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91 xlt 4 door 13inch lift
any one in hawaii wanna go

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I'll be up for it soon, but I think we're on different islands.

what island you on

what kind of set up do you have

I'm moving to Kauai in a few weeks.
I'm set up for California rocks, so we'll see how it works over there. 35" BFG KM2's, 4.56 gears, two lockers, body armor.

Yeah, that and double the amount of lift!
Naw, I think that look is mostly Oahu.

I saw some nice, mildly lifted rigs when we were on Kauai this last summer (no explorers though). I didn't remember seeing any overly lifted, super wide tire one on there.

Now, Oahu was a different story. The southern part of that island looks like Miami to me.. or just some big city with all the fake 4wd's... Now, the North Shore was different.. The 4wd vehicles I saw up there looked like they were actually used off pavement.


Most of the locals prefer pickups to SUVs. I lived in Oahu for 5 years, rare to see a lifted explorer.

yea well mine is a mix between northwest style and hawaian style im from washington