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Hbrichmans 2003 Ford Explorer Build

Hello all, this is my 2003 Ford Explorer Limited "Snow white" many more mods to come, this is how she currently stands

The day I bought her in 2009

As of 10/5/12

Current mods
- Struttek Struts with Silver powdercoated coils
- Custom made front skid plate
- BTF Upper Control Arms
- 1.75 BTF Spacer lift
- Custom made lightbar
- Flowmaster 40 series Delta muffler ( soon to be 50 ) & K&N Intake
- 16x8 Inch Cragar soft 8's on General Grabbers 265/75/16
- Black upper and lower black billet grille from Ebay
- Uniden CB Radio & Tram window Antenna
- Professionally tinted tail lights by jonstintedtails.com
- Dark tint all around & limo visor strip
- Premium sound system
- Black headlight housing and turn signal corners
- Alpine EX-10 Ipod Hookup
- Blacked out all Ford Logo's and de-badged car

Whats to come?
I have no freaking idea....

Thanks for checking out my Explorer and stay tuned..

Any shots with the rear window down? Just wanna see how much it effects the light output. Also how'd you wire that thing up?

Sorry, I didn't see this until now! I'll take a picture of it with the window down. It actually has pretty good light output despite the dark window tint It has to pass through. It's wired directly to the battery by itself

So small update.. I just bought a new dodge ram as my daily driver. Thankfully, I'm still keeping the Explorer aswell so I plan to have some fun with it and I'm really happy I'll still have something I can take to the trail and offroad with. My older brother will be driving it from time to time, but other than that I'll still have it to keep building up. I'm not really sure what I have planned next for the Expo, but for right now, I'm going to be putting some money into the Dodge to level it and get a nice exhaust.

We will see where the Explorer goes from here.. :salute:

Good luck with the new vehicle. :salute:

Hope you will still be hanging around the forum. :biggthump