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hcu removal to no abs ?


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September 11, 2007
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oshawa, ontario. home 2 goverment motors canada
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99 ex sport
has any 1 removed the hcu in a 2nd gen to no more abs. id like to lose it as i have had the hcu come on on dry road an after master replacement i have air trapped in there.

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yes i know they can do it but its going to cost me $200 to have the truck towed there an then another $100 just to have it bleed. but this dont solve the problem of it active on dry roads from time to time.

Pull the ABS fuse. :)

I understand about the costs, that's a bummer.

Problem is you have to add an expensive proportioning valve to the rear brakes, make new hard lines, and add new fittings. Major PITA! But if making new hard lines and 45* inverted double flaring don't bother you, it's cheaper to delete the HCU.

The fittings on the front lines are metric 12mmx1.0, and have to be fitted to a Tee fitting, then the master cyl. Those metric sizes are a major pain to find. I couldn't find any, so I had to convert to American fittings to the proper Tee fitting. You will have to keep the metric fitting to the front line on the master as it is also a metric match. Rear line is American size. Crazy set up if you ask me.

ya im not shy to plumbing new brake lines. but i would need a portion valve for just the rear, maybe 1 off an f150 will work?

Most likely your going to want an adjustable prop valve. Fixed stock valves are tuned for the specific vehicle there made for. Too much rear bias, and the rears will lock up before the fronts. That's a deal breaker, & a widow maker.