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Head gasket oil leak?


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April 10, 2011
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'97 Limited
I recently changed my head gaskets on my 97 4.0 ohv and have a very bad oil leak. Originally thought it was valve covers so i sealed them up but still have a leak. I added dye to my oil and it appears to be coming out around the head gasket. Is it possible for oil to leak out here? and is there anyway to fix it other than replacing the gaskets?

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I dont believe you can leak oil from a head gasket unless your head is cracked.

we put new heads in when we did the gaskets.

Its more common to leak coolant from the head gasket because the coolant is pressurized, but there are also oil passages in the head gasket so it is quite possible to leak oil.

You should check for oil in the coolant (looks like brown foam) and coolant in the oil (drops of coolant will not mix in the oil). Coolant in the oil is very bad because it ruins the lubricating ability of the oil.

there is no oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil. Other than the valve covers are there any other logical places there are common oil leaks?