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head gasket or fuel injecter?


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December 20, 2007
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Columbia, Mo
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95 explorer xlt 4wd.
Hello Everyone,
I am a new member; My name is Jeff and I have a 1995 4x4 Explorer XLT.
First thing I know it has a blown head gasket because of the white smoke but someone cut my cat. converter off. when i start it up it has tons of smoke and it wants to cut out and flutter. If I was to let off the gas peddle it would die. If I keep it in between 2-3 on the rpm scale or whatever the engine sounds pretty good other that having no exhaust pipe. If I was to putt it in gear i would basically hold the peddle to the floor till it stops fluttering and takes off, so if any one could give me any advice on why it is cutting out and not idle and stuff. There is no oil in the water or water in the oil so i think it is just a gasket but i don't understand why it is fluttering and cutting out. I want to get it running right so if anyone has some suggestions please e-mail me @ JA_Nic21@hotmail.com

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I'd definately speculate that it is probably a bad head gasket. Getting white smoke in your exhaust is a tell tale sign of that. Good luck with the fix if you do it yourself. It's not that hard, just a lot of work. No getting around it, you have to remove everything down to the block. Depending on the mileage in the vehicle, it may be worth while to do a top end rebuild while you are in there. New timing chain and gears, cam, lifters, valve springs, rockers, rods and of course new gaskets.

Depending upon how bad your head gasket / head is leaking, it will make the truck idle like crap. You could have a bad head gasket or even a cracked head. If you want to verify this before tearing it apart, you could do a compression test or a cylinder leak down test.

Welcome to this forum! Do you seen any water in your oil or vice versa? Do you have to occasionally add coolant? I would suggest that you clean your IAC, and connect a cooling system pressure tester in addition to doing a compression test as previously suggested.

your plugs on one side are probably bad, replace the plugs on both sides + compression test each side to determine the faulty cyl.

one thing you may want to check is the contition of your spark plugs, that white smoke you speak of is more likley to be steam. If indeed you do have a blown head water will enter your combustion chamber and "steam" clean your plugs. dirty plugs good nice pretty white porciline above the elocrode you know you have issue with your heads. i had a similar problem i bought a bottle of "blue devil" followed the instructions and it really helped it only cost about $60.