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head gasket set what it is ?


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April 3, 2013
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1994 ford explorer xlt
head gasket set has little set of silver looking washers crush washers I don't see vid were there used anyone got a link or diagram …. I want to say there some kind a crush washer I remember one fell out before taking heads to the machine shop

no one seems to put these in as well there is a small s type gasket for the lower intake manifold that is not described in any of the tutorial better to have or use permetex


thanks I found them but do you use those ? orientation crush washers on the inside no wonder I found a couple under the head in in a beveled feed through ….washers ive never seen it done ….no to the s gaskets ? that's one vote

You do use the washers. They are "compression limiters" also called "torque limiters" . Their purpose is to allow for gasket re-use, by preventing over tightening /overcompressing. Other gaskets have them built in. As for the "S"/intake end seals, I assume using those should be easier than attempting to build up the right amount of RTV without making a mess when mating the lower intake to the engine. I have rebuilt only 1 of these so advice from experience is limited.