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Head Gasket


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September 4, 2013
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1995 Ford Exploder
Hey Everyone,

I could use some opinions on the inexorable family explorer. Its a '95 shifty truck with about 150K, had it since 60k. It's always been good to us and we abuse the hell out of it. Ive done the suspension 3 times over but the motor has always been good.

Here are the symptoms:

It will idle forever in the driveway without getting hot.

It runs and drives normally, unless you are in stop and go for more than 20 minutes. Then it will overheat.

When it's hot I hear the telltale gurgling from the radiator (over pressurized), but it is not loosing any coolant. There is no mixing of coolant in the oil or vice versa.

I am suspecting a head gasket and will do a compression test this weekend. Does it sound like a head gasket?


Compression test may not reveal a leaking head gasket, leak down more accurate.

Even a Lisle 24680 Spill-Free Funnel on top of your radiator can reveal combustion leaks if they go into coolant system