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Head Unit Dead?


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December 2, 2002
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I have a 98XLT with the factory head unit. The other day I was on a dirt road and hit a bump fairly hard. The head unit immediatly stopped working. When I got home I check the fuses and I think fuse 29, which is the 25A radio fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse and still the head unit did not work. I then pulled the unit out to check the connections. This was not the problem. After I rehooked the connections I tried the radio and at some point in time the 29A fuse had blown again. How do I verify that the power is getting to the head unit? If there is power, then I guess I have to assume the unit is dead. Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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sounds like there is a short in your system could be the head unit could be elsewhere in there you can check the power with a multimeter and see if there is power getting to the HU if your head unit is dead i have one from a 98 XLT that i will sell cheap ( its just gathering dust here).

I am afraid that it is a short somewhere other than the HU. A few months back I was having a problem with the HU just turning off at random times. I was able to slightly hit the dash board and it would come back on. If there is a short elsewhere how do you about fixing the problem?

I just took it to Circuit City to have them tell me if I have power running to the unit. I have constant power, but I do not have switch power. The installer there is going to run new power wires for me and charge me $20 to $30. Hopefully this will work. I will let everyone know.

Was driving by Best Buy and decided to see what they would charge me to fix the wires. The guy there diagnosed and fixed the problem for no charge. He ended up running another switch wire to a switch fuse. It works like a charm. While I had the radio out, I took the plunge and fixed the display problem. The display works like a charm. All around good news.

2 for 1 deal gotta love that