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head unit has no power


February 26, 2004
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sykesville, MD
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98 Sport
hey hey i was wiring up some neons in my X and i mismatched the wires and now my HU doesnt get any power. My ACC has power but the main power source has nothing. Ive checked the fuses and they arent blown but that deals with the ACC doesnt it? Where should i look?


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get a power meter and work your way back from the radio. Did you check the fuse on your radio?

yea ive checked but im not sure if the fuses i am checking are the right ones.

yea check all your fuses from the main box under the hood to the box under your dash,. if your wiring some neons.. you need to run your power wire to your batt and not the acc ..then run your ground to the chasis itself but running it off a switch .. ground out your wires the run your power from your batt. then run it to a switch ..

the radio fuse also seems to have a link to the dome lights. or they have it like that in my X hell ive blown too many fuses upgrading my sound set up a few times