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Headers and High Flow Cat Convt

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hell didnt know that, ill take one of my sanitizer wipes to it from my business.

ok time to go finish up

I would use very little dish soap and water.the chemicals in the wipes may bake into it giving it a foggy look;)also when you first start i would run it in three timed intervals.like 5mins let cool,10mins let cool and last fully warm up drive and let cool.it helps cure the ceramic and helps with the finish and longevity of the coating;)

updating w/ questions

ok... Sooo

tail Pipe - on
FM Delta 40 Muffler - on
MF hi Flo Cat - on
y pipe - on
Passenger Side o2 - on
Passenger Side Header - on
Driver Side up pipe - on

Driver Side Header - not on....
How the hell do you get the middle bolt on bottom.. its right behind the tube!!
Driver Side o2 - not on...
Where the hell do yo you plug in the pig tail???

I get the ps. side o2, pig tail goes in behind dist box. but what about dr side!?!

did i for get anything? went over each bolt and muffler clamp 5 times. header bolts are hand tight w/ anti seize on them.. all gaskets in place, just trying to cover my self so i can make sure everything is ok.....

now how about that o2 on the dr side and bolt.. tips? tricks? hints?

A wrench.Idk about the O2 i only had one.is the wires just not long enough?

we cant find it... at all... nothing notta, zilch...

ok ill try the wrench next, ill havta get a smaller person my hands/arms to big to squeeze..

What can't you find?

You had two in the old setup?where did you unplug it from?

lol well ummm.... yeah, but i didnt unplug it i was unbolting old manifold and forgot to reach over and get it and they fell and it unplugged its self. but yeah orig set up had 2, when they were first done back in 08/09 i wasnt the one who did them..

O haha gotca .Idk mine is behind the coil.someone with two will have to chime in.

i had the use a wrench on most of mine also. and it still didnt fit that well on some, the header tubes were to close to get much of a turn at a time. and that was with the engine on the stand being difficult!

i know its back there somewhere. i cut one off a truck at the junkyard. i want to say it splits off from the other one cause it goes almostl all the way back there.
put a spotlight under the truck, get a flashlight and shine all over and dig your head back there and try and find the plug. it looks exactly like the other one. itll be hanging somewhere back there


DONE!!! She is STREET LEGAL!!! yeep STREET LEGAL!! So all done minus one bolt, ps side bottom middle did not go in, the headers are drilled wrong! took them off and tried again, still no go! so its not in.. figured ill massage the hole and make it fit.. also had to extend the ps side o2 (yeep found were it went) wire about 4" because the down pipe repositioned it and made it short.. all done.. best she has ran since i bought her.. better then when i first bought it! no CEL no semi sound, smoooootttthhhh engine oh and a tail pipe! lol







Right on!!

i took a harness from the junkyard and made myself an o2 plug extension. so its completely removable if need be. my new sensor wires were like 8" long. my old one before i extended it was about 13". i had to do it cause mine is mounted on the cat tho.

glad to hear its running. fix that bolt. exhaust leaks will hurt you.
get sound clips also

i didnt see it leaking.. but yeah im gonna massage the hole out to make it fit.. and then get a bolt about a few mm longer enough room to add another washer

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no puffs at all :-D

JD did you see the 3rd row pics?

edit: the only smoke and puffs were my cig; alota those.. stress

Yep,pretty sweet;) hahah hear that,i go thro packs!!:(