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Headlight connector part #


July 14, 2018
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16 explorer xlt
I'm looking to find the male version of the wpt-1279 female headlamp connector. Any help would be appreciated

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What does it connect to, another harness wire,
the headlight ballast, the headlight rear assembly ?

The connector im seeking is on hte back of the headlamp. Its what the Headlamp connector\harness(wpt-1279) plugs into.

Can someone else chime in on the part I circled?

If it is the area I outlined in red, IMO without ever having seen the back of the HID
lamp assembly on a 2016 model off the vehicle, it is part of the headlamp assembly.

Did the 9 pins get bent over from misalignment of female connector or broken in crash damage?

If the pins are bent:
Take the headlamp off the vehicle and carefully bend the pins straight again
with a slender tool such as medical hemostats.

If broken due to crash damage:
Solder repairing the broken area, maybe by an electronics technician?
Source another headlamp assembly, YES THESE VERY $$$$.

2016 HID Explorer Headlamp Connector.jpg

Yes thats the male connector for the headlamp. None of your reasons above have to do with why I need to source it, im making a custom harness.

Although it is hard to tell by looking at the picture, it seems as though it may be part of the assembly and not a separate connector.