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Headlight/foglight problem

Right headlamp and also fog lights will not operate. Both are on same fuse. Right headlight works only in high beam mode. Fuses OK and Bulbs OK.

Have been using higher watt headlight bulbs.

UPDATE: Had everything checked out. Put back correct watt bulbs. Dealer found "Lamp out warning module" defective. Replaced module and everything works OK. FYI the part number is F77Z*10K910*AA

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Put the other bulbs back in? Try that...

Using higher than stock wattage bulbs can really mess stuff up. It can fry your wiring and relays and whatnot. Sounds like you might have learned the hard way.

BTW, you might want to check your profile. I seriously doubt you have an '86 Explorer. ;)

Yo man, I don't see where it says 1986 Explorer. I would fix it, but I don't see a problem. On my computer it comes up as a 1995 Explorer Sport...

Rydogg, it's JPM that shows an 86 Explorer, not you.

JPM, Yob Yeknom's right. You might want to try going back to the stock bulbs to start. If that doesn't do it, then start tracing wiring back from the lights to see if you fried something.

Thanks your suggestions. Correct model year is 96. 86 was a typo error. thanks for letting me know.