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headlight issues need help asap


April 17, 2011
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West Haven, Utah
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93 xlt
both my headlights stopped working the other day, but im confused because my flash to pass still works, and all my fuses are fine, but they just dont turn on. it cant be my switch because i have my fog lights wired into my headlight circuit so they turn on with my lights, but they dont go through the fuse. they work fine still, and thats what i have been using and i havent had any trouble with the cops yet (knock on wood) so if anyone has any suggesting it would really be appreciated. and again, fog lights that are wired into headlight circuit still turn on, both high and low beams arent working but flash to pass still does, and all fuses seem to be fine

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I used a test light and I don't have any power goin to the connection. Is there a relay in the engine bay fuse panel that I failed to check?

im not sure but you said your fog lights work but their not wired into the headlight fuse so i would think that fuse has blown

I've checked all my fuses, and they are all good. The only thing I can think of is the insulation has worn off somewhere and its shorting out. But wouldn't that blow the fuse? Unless it has just broke and it isn't completing the circuit but isn't grounding itself.

Yes, if the wire shorted, it would have blown the fuse. How did you check the fuse? i've seen some that looked ok, but werent.

i have a bus fuse tester. you touch the two leads together with the tester and it lights up a green led if its good and they all lit up the light.

well i would start following the harness back and see where the power is getting stopped