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Headlight not working?...don't get it...

Heres my situation....

My right headlight works with no problems whatsoever....

My left headlight works....but....only when it's NOT in the actual circular hole that holds the light bulb. Sometimes when the bulb and holster (if thats the right word) it works, but it quickly stops...only to work again when its out of the hole.

I hope I explained that good....and I hope someone can help, thanks.

each headlight is on a seperate fuse under the hood or in the dash, i know that much, umm, you might have a bad wire somewhere

How do I find that and fix it?

I would check the owner's manual, it has diagrams of the fuse boxes. and for me I didn't know that each headlight was on a seperate fuse until we started pulling out fuses. If it isn't a fuse, which it sounds like, then you might have to get the part that holds the light bulb.

I don't believe this is a fuse problem. If it were a fuse problem then the lights would not work at all. it seems like when you put the bulb in the housing it's separating a wire, or when the wires heat and contract they're pulling each other apart.

you have two options:
1.) trace the wires and look for any crimps or tares you may also want to try changing bulbs from both sides to rule out a short in the bulb.

2.) get an offroad harness from SUVLIGHTS.com for about 50 dollars.

Let us know