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Headlight removal?


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April 9, 2006
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Tacoma, WA
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94 Explorer Sport
Hey guys, so I ended up with a bunch of water in my driver side head light and am trying to remove the assembly to drain it. Pulled the parking lamp assy. Haynes says "use needlenose to squeeze the plastic retainers" well I squeezed everything plastic in there and can't get them to release...help anyone? I'm starting to go :crazy:

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u should be able to unbolt the whole thing from the radiator support, thats how i replaced them on my 90 ranger. thats easier than trying to remove just the lens and messing up the alignment.

you could also use a hose and siphon the water out through the lightbulb hole, then leave the bulb out and the connector unattached for a couple days

or the other option, take out hte bulb and connector, then find a real steep hill and drive up it!

What I did on my 94 Ranger was just take a drill with a very small bit and drilled a hole in the bottom middle of the light asembly. It might be pretty dumb to do that beings your light asembly could crack later down the line (but I never had any trouble with mine and I had mine from 1996 to 2003) but I got tired of trying to keep the water out of them and I try everything from drying it out with a heat gun and also trying to seal it up better with foam. Nothing work for long.

I've already thought about both sucking the water out and drilling a hole in it. Both would work except the light bulb burst and I have to get the glass out...