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Headlights don't work?

Hey guys, sorry if this is not the right place for this. It just seemed like the most appropriate section.

The left headlight on my '00 explorer was running a little dim, so I got a new bulb for it but never got around to replacing it. Then last night I started the truck and the highbeam light was illuminated on the dash board. I hopped out and went around from and the headlights were indeed completely off.

This morning I replaced the left bulb and one of the small fuses in the power distribution box that was blown. I started the truck again and the highbeam warning light was off, but the headlights are still dead.

Someone had suggested the light switch or the light relay? Does anyone know where these are? Thanks! :)

Hey buffalo, thanks for the reply.

When I flip the headlights on nothing happens. Since it's a canadian vehicle it also has daytime running lights, and that does not work either. Only the turn signals work.

I'm having trouble locating the LOM, do you happen to have a picture of where it's at? Thanks!

Maybe the connectors melted. This happens to my '98 Explorer every 6 months or so, and I have to splice on new connectors. Try reinserting the connectors on the bulbs and see if the lights come on. A dim light suggests missing connection on common terminal, meaning the current flows through the high and lo beam filaments in series, putting them at half-voltage. Connectors on the 9007 bulbs are notoriously-bad design. 100% of my failures were traced to the sockets melting.

This also happened with my taillights. They are just six months old, after having the entire rear end replaced following a collision from another SUV hitting me from behind, the new taillight assemblies developed problems just 6 months later. Long live bayonet sockets! Boo for wedge base sockets!

Do the 02 Xs have the same type multifunction switch as the previous generation does?
If so, and the headlights come on when you hold the lever back in the flash to pass position then the MFS is probably your problem.
You dont have a Light Out Module unless it has the milage computer/display in the console.