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Headlights dying while driving


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February 11, 2005
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Franklin, NH
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'92XLT 4X4
I bought a 92 XLT 4X4 explorer last February. As I was driving it home the night I purchased it, the headlights starting going out, then coming back on while driving it. February + New Hampshire = Frost heaves. Very bumpy. I noticed if I held the High beams on(as if I was flashing them at someone, only held it back), they stayed on, so I drove it home this way. Once I got it home, I figured it must be the dimmer switch/ multifunction switch had loose connections, so I replaced it with one I got off e-bay.It seemed to do the trick until this past Friday night going to work. The truck has been out of commission while I swapped tranny's (blew front tranny seal), but I have had it on the road for about 3 weeks. Anyway, driving to work Friday night, on the interstate, cross a bridge, and headlights go out. I reach under dash and start wiggling things, and the lights come back on. Must have hit a pebble, because they went back off. Wiggled some more, they come back on, etc. My question is. Where is the problem, and how do I fix it? Oh yeah, kicking %@$# out of lower dash made it come back on, until the next sand particle went under my wheel and caused the next miniscule vibration, that only my lights noticed.

Anyone have something similar happen?


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kinda the same thing...if i kept my high beams on for abit the lights would die and after a bit of flicking the switch or hitting the dash it would come back on...i really only had the problem on high beams....after abit of looking i found it was the switch and plug were getting too hot......try that and see what they look like..the switch will look fine but the plug might be a bit melted.....if the plug liiks good i would just do the switch...hope this helps

problem with lights

Check for a loose ground wire out near the head lights and there should be a ground under the dash as well. If you loose the grounding you will loose your lights.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I never thought about it being a ground, but I did think it might be a plug loose. Thanks again,


mine is doing sort of the same thing at first after driveing for a wile on high beam it would go off and on till i swiched to low beam. now it is doing it on low beam. it is kinda interesting to be driving down a country road at night and the lights go out for up to four seconds at a time. if you find out anything let me know id kinda like to fix mine too.