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November 12, 2009
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Mackville ky
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03 explorer xlt
Does any one know where I can find some different headlights all i have found are the ones that are black with amber corners and I really dont care for them, Ive ordered some black outs for my wife's explorer but we would rather have some good lookin headlights...so pls does any one know where some dif ones are. thanks

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Is the only kind we can get for it cause thats the only one i can ever find an i really aint diggin it

What are you looking for?

just some different headlights ive seen a few other explorers with diff ones put all i find are the same ones id like to get rid of the amber corners

But what do the look like? 'Different' doesn't help, but a description of the colors/characteristics might help someone who knows what you're looking for, has them, or knows where to find them... :)

i like to find some projector headlights for ours but i dont think they make them but the only ones ive found r the black ones with amber corners any thing besides them i would like to find but thats all i keep coming up with

I kept the stock headlights but just added clear corners. I'll find a pic to post up. My X looks really nice with just the OEM headlights and clear corners.