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July 9, 2020
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Thomasville, AL
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01 Ford Explorer Sport Tr
Does anyone know where I can find aftermarket headlights because I want to replace my original headlights with either projection or halos

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Ebay has them in different styles. There are other sites also and even some parts stores can order them.

Ebay has them in different styles. There are other sites also and even some parts stores can order them.
Thanks but i've checked Ebay as well as some other sites and they all seem to have only the OEM headlights in clear or smoke black. I'm hoping to find some halos or projections that will fit to change the look of it

The retrofitsource if you’re handy you can retrofit in some projectors.

Just an opinion, but I think you will regret projectors. Our Edge had them. Hated them. No side lighting at all. Very dangerous for anyone living in deer country. On my SPort Trac I use bulbs from the Vosla company. Very good light.

I love my projectors I only have the lower power 35w hids in 5000k also I went with the square projector lens cause I liked the way it looks verses round lens.
Low beam (headlights only light bar left off)

high beam that far dot way down there is another road sign
showing beam cutoff on the garage door
way brighter more focused light than sylvania silver stars i had in the stock housing. some people will put hids in normal halogen housing which throws light everywhere and blinds on coming drivers. Projectors keep the light on the road I have never been flashed in just shy of 2 years since I installed. but to each their own.

Most new cars use projectors.................the problem is not the projector it is the incorrect installation/housing/use of the projector..............