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headunit replacement


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September 4, 2005
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i have a 1998 explorer xlt 4door with the premium headunit 18c868 cd/cass/am/fm with the built in amplifier but no sub and no other amp. ive been through the forum front and back and i cant find anything. i need to know where i can find a wiring harness for my car to put in an aftermarket headunit. ive looked thru crutchfield scosche installer.com ebay everything and cant find a harness that matches mine. i have 2 connectors that plug into the back of the radio one with 24 pins and one with 14 pins. all the harnesses i find are only for one connector so are one of the connectors just for the built in amp and dont need to be used when putting in an aftermarket radio? i need to know where i can get the appropriate wiring harness or possibly a wiring color diagram so i can just ghetto rig it or something. ive put in a bunch of systems in cars before and this truck is by far the biggest pain in my ass. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

If you have been to all those sites then you must have skipped over it. I have the same radio and truck. You need the Scosche FD16 (Walmart) or Metra 70-1770. Although only 14 pins are used its a 16 pin harness. That harness is the only one you need for the radio (4 speakers plus pwr and ground). The other connector is used to feed the back seat radio controls. Unless you go with a "steering wheel adapter" like the Pripheral (fogot model#) you will lose the backseat controls if you get an aftermarket HU.

ok well i appreciate that info. when i was looking thru the sites i saw those harnesses but i wasnt sure if you only needed to utilize one connector or both so i figured id make sure before blowing the money. thanks again

what is the best adapter to get to go from the back of a kenwood dpx-501 to the stock wiring harness when replacing the unit? Does this adapter shut the power down to the sub amp. If not what do I need to do