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Heat/Air Blower Volume


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August 27, 2009
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Southaven, MS
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'98 XLT 4WD
I've got a problem with the volume of air coming out of the front air vents. My Explorer is a 98 4x4 XLT with front and rear air/heat. I compared mine to a friends who only has front air and heat. His blows much harder especially out of the side vents than mine.

So far I've replaced the blend door (thanks very much for the help from the big sticky post) and cleaned my evaporator core. My evaporator core was partially blocked with an accumulation of stuff over the years. But I cut a hole in the housing and sprayed it down with detergent and sprayed liberally with a garden hose. It looks perfectly clean now.

The air flow has greatly increased after doing this but it still is lower than my friends. What would you suggest looking at next? Or is it just normal for one with front and rear air to have less volume than front only?

Thanks in advance.


Hmmm...maybe replace the blower motor itself?

I checked the blower motor when I cleaned the evaporator core. It seems to be working fine.