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Heat only blows while moving or once car is 100% warm


December 16, 2011
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New issue now that it's cold..... heat is only blowing while I'm moving. Once the car is 100% warm it works fine. If I come to a stop light, the air will slowly shift from nice warm air, to blowing cold air over about 20 seconds. once I start moving again the air slowly goes back to being nice and warm. This happens whether I'm on AUTO on climate control or if I override it and crank the setting to 90 degrees. But once it's fully warm, the climate control system works like normal, and the heat stays warm at stops.

I'm not hearing any clicking, so I don't think it's the blend door.... plus It's shifting from hot to cold so it doesn't seem to be stuck. The issue affects the rear heating/cooling system too.

Any thoughts on the issue are appreciated!

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what happens if you are stopped and hold the engine at about 2500 RPM?

my guess is that the water pump is not functioning at engine idle, and you only notice it when stopped and idling.

Have you checked your coolant level it maybe low.

I figured it out.... I was low on coolant. So similar to what I'd get if the water pump wasn't working, there wasn't enough fluid to circulate at low rpm. Topped off the reservoir and it's working fine. Now to figure out where the leak is......

Look at the intake manifold or around eng for leaks. V8 common to have leak at intake.