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Heated/Memory Seat Issues/Part Interchanges


October 12, 2018
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2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer
2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, Auto, 4.0L, Auto 4WD

So, original problem with this was that the heated seats don't work on either front seats. The lights don't come on on either of the buttons. I've already tested every fuse in the truck, none missing, all have power on both sides. Then the driver's seat the bottom raising/lowering and tilting gears are stripped, and the front/back motor is really weak, even after cleaning/greasing the track. Then occasionally, the seats will stop working all together, no lights working on the memory seat button, pedal raise/lower won't work, etc. and when I pull the fuse, and then put back in, they work. Like the module is bad?

So, I pulled a seat out of a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer, memory seat, heated seat, no tears or wrinkles. But I went to install it into my '03 Explorer, and the connectors are different. My '03 has a Small Yellow, Large Green, and Medium Grey connectors, while the '04 had Large Blue, Medium Grey, and Small Green connectors. Then on further inspection, the module was completely different. So, I figured I would just swap the module and harness from one seat to the other, so I'd at least have tilt/raise on my seat, which would be all fine and dandy, but the seat belt has a completely different connector end.

Then I got to looking, and it looks like the Module and Motors are paired by part number, my '03 the seat module ends in "AD" along with the seat motor, while the '04 Ends in AA (I think, didn't take a picture of that), same with the motor.

So my questions are, are does the Module have to be paired with the seat track motors, and the truck? Was looking at this: 2C7T-14C708-AE FORD EXPLORER MOUNTAINEER F-150 POWER SEAT CONTROL MODULE TESTED | eBay module, but mine is "2C7T-14C708-AD" and in the description it says you have to match the numbers, and he doesn't have an "AD". I've been through my whole junk yard, and none of the seats have the correct module, although I did not know that F150's have the same module, so will have to look next week.

So then I was looking at this: 02 03 04 05 Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer Power Seat Track Driver Memory | eBay if the module has to be paired with the seat motors, as this comes with the seat motors and module. And it would have the correct connectors.

But then I'm thinking, does the module also have to be paired with the truck?

So basically, how do I buy a new module, what do the part numbers mean between the seat motors and module, do they have to match, and does the module have to be the same part number ending as the one that came out of the truck, or just the same as the seat motor?

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I didn’t read you whole post, so I hope this helps and is on point. In ‘04, Ford went to a Can Bus wiring system. Where wires share signals from different inputs using different signals.

The ‘04 seats should be tied to the electronic climate control module which is most likely Can Bus (my ‘04 analog climate control is.) Thus I’d expect the connectors to be different.

Which would mean they aren’t interchangeable. Maybe someone else will have differing information.

I went back to the junkyard and pulled another seat, out of an '02, and it too had different connectors than my '03, but the same connector as the '04. So I'm not sure what the difference is between the models.

One have memory and the other not?

No, both were memory and heated seats. I didn't mess with any of the explorers w/o both of those.