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Heated Seat Questions


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December 20, 2006
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Charlotte, NC
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99 XLT 4x4 Supercab
I just purchased some used 2005 Limited Edition Explorer power and heated seats to up grade my truck.

The seats I purchased are fully adjustable seats with manual lumber and heated seat push button on the side seat panel.

I also have a complete wiring diagram but I still have a few questions that hope someone here can help me answer.

1. Do these seats have multiple levels of heating? If so, how are these levels selected?
2. Is there another selector switch with these seats?
3. Is there an automatic heat shutoff built into the elements?
4. I know there is a EATC module sensing the power to the seats but is there another temperature module just for the seats?

I would greatly appreciate any help.


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If they are anything like the 2003 eddiebauer then no mutiple levels of heating and they stay on until you turn them off. They are operated by a toggle switch located down by the door jam next to the lumbar support and seat recline lever

Thanks for the information.

I have one more question about the heat push button. This button appears to operate like a maintained push buttton, but I have read in some posting that this button resets itself.

Can someone please clarify?

My 2002 Limited has heated seats. For mine:

1. There is only a single heat level (on).

2. There is only the single side of the seat switch, no others.

3. It is on a timer and shuts off automatically (after five minutes I think).

4. No idea on this question, but if I understand you correctly, the answer is no.

New question:

1. The button is not a off/on switch, but controls a relay. Push once to energize the relay to turn on the heaters, push again to de-energize the relay to turn off the heater(s). The relay also drops out after a pre-programmed time (#3 above) and when you turn the ignition off.

And the question you didn't ask:

X. There are icons on my auto temperature control panel that light up to indicate which, if any, seat heaters are energized.

Thanks for everyone's help.

I find that with my 2005 Eddie Bauer the seats "cycle", that is they come on and heat up, and then the elements turn off for a short time, then they come back on. I find that the temp varies a bit but its fairly consistant. Hope this helps.