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Heater advice


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April 3, 2006
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Edmonton, Alberta
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1993 Ford Explorer XLT
Temperature dropped to -30C and the blower motor was grinding at any speed with no heat being produced. Surprisingly when we slammed the door to the truck, the heater kicked back in and now works fine until the truck gets cold over night again. Blower motor or resistor issue? All connections seem snug.

the blower motor was grinding at any speed

A blower motor should make the sound of air being pushed, but it should not grind. That would indicate that it has gone bad. Here is a video to help you look at it: Link

The blower resistor is used to vary the speed of the blower motor as it goes from low to high. So if the blower only worked on high or did not have intermediate speeds you would look at it.

My guess would be a bad bearing along with worn brushes in the blower motor.

Same happened to mine and replaced it myself at a cost of $45.00 for the part and it is an easy swap.

Good Luck

I replaced it this week. The motor is super easy to disconnect, except it gets stuck on the speed control box, which is stuck on the coolant/washer fluid box, which is stuck on the air box. You need to move all of these things to get it out. Gotta love it.

Hopefully this solves the issue. Haven't heard any complaints from the owner yet. Thanks guys.