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Heater blend door & actuator replacement


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December 30, 2015
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Las Vegas, NV
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2000 Ford Explorer EB V8
2000 EB Explorer V8. Actuator failed in full heat position. Purchased a blend door kit and a new actuator - TechSmart I04001. Want to replace parts without removing dash. I cut an opening in the bottom of the plenum to access the blend door.
Question 1: I can't find a way to remove old door without destroying it. I'm also concerned I may break the bottom post on the new door trying to install it. Any tricks or suggestions?

After removing OEM actuator, I determined a plastic gear was stripped, otherwise it's still functional. The new TechSmart I04001 actuator did not work and the EATC displayed fault codes 024 & 025. I could clear 024 by repeating EATC diagnostics but never cleared 025 & never got movement. I applied 5vDC directly to the actuator pins and got movement so the motor is good. Purchased a Dorman 604-201 actuator and it works normal with no EATC fault codes.
Question 2: Anyone have a bad experience with TechSmart parts or understand why it did not work?