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Heater core plugged???


May 12, 2006
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hornell, NY
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2000 xlt
I tried blend door fix; it was working properly...inlet hose hot, outlet just warm.....t-stat and coolant changed (just bought her used)....is this definitely the dreaded heater core replacement??? :(

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You can take it somewhere and let them back flush the heater core. Or you can try to run water from your garden hose through the outlet side of the core and if anything is in there it should come out the inlet side.

OK this has been going on way too long...I live in a cold region, and I have replaced thermostat, flushed heater core, and only have hot inlet hose and cold outlet hose... water flowed easily from core. what the hell is going on? Fluids are proper. Losing my mind!!??

Have you checked the heater control valve?

There appears to be no vacuum to the valve...i bought a new one, but havent put it in yet. Where does the vacuum tube go to??

Vacuum closes the valve and is only present when you use max a/c settings, otherwise it should be open. It's nothing more than a tube that should be free flowing most of the time. Stop leak and rust flakes love to stick in it. Remove and hold up to a light. If it isnt clear, replace it. A 1/2" bolt secures the bracket to the block. Valve has two hose clamps. You may have to remove the airbox and top radiator hose to reach it from above.

Pretty good access if your pull the fender liner.