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Heater Core Replacement option


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July 26, 2010
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Marengo, IL
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1998 Eddie Bauer
Howdy folks,
I am looking to replace the heater core in my 2002 Mountaineer. Has anyone ever tried to remove the heater core without removing the dash and just cutting off the tubes and using silicone hose or other heater hose to make the connections? It looks like with the core on the bottom of the box and the tubes running up the side I can cut them and then slide the core out the side.
Not sure if anyone has tried this. If I try it I will try to post pictures of my failure or success.

Phil in IL


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May 17, 2015
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2003 Ford Ex XLT
4.0 V6
I have not personally tried doing this the way you describe. It could work, but it also maybe won't. My thought, is when the car was designed, those connections were made like that for a reason. I'm not ASE certified or a master mechanic but modifying those connections could cause something adverse to occur. Keyword is 'could'. Honestly, I always say go all in or don't go in at all. I would do the repair the right way if it were my car. Removing the dash isn't difficult at all with two people. Just time consuming. I don't even remember how much needs to be removed, I doubt it's the entire panel.

Best wishes