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Heater help ?


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February 24, 2012
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Sterling, Colorado
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2004 Sport Trac XLT - 4X4
Hi, Newbie here.
We just bought a 2004 ST , 107,000 miles, XLT Adrenalin with all the toys. Sunroof, heated leather seat, bed cover & bed extender. I think it has everything a person could order? Now to my question, when running the heater on hot ( knob set in the red section) after five or ten minutes we get a hot rubber burning smell. Turn the heat selector down and the smell lets up and will go away after awhile. Does anyone have any idea what this might be before I start looking, thinking maybe something around the heater core? This was a one owner bought from a dealer , it came with the car fax report. Says they flushed/changed antifreeze at a different Ford Dealer @ 105,853 miles. Was wondering if the dealer would give me the contact information for the previous owner? Bet not !!! Or I might contact the dealer that did the antifreeze flush at the very least. Anyway we love the sport trac, my 16 year old daughter keeps asking to borrow it!! Any help would be great?

Thanks Dale

Well that's certainly odd. Do you get any smoke? Does the blower speed have any effect on it , other than blowing the smell in your face? If you run it all the way in the red/hot without the fan on do you still smell it? The only thing I can see that would actually get hot enough to make a burning rubber smell would be the blower/fan resistor.

No smoke. I ran it on hot with high speed fan and it has not made the smell for the last two days. I’m now thinking it might be the blower resistor acting up intermittently. How much do they cost and it is located inside the engine compartment on the fire wall , is that correct?