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Heater problem!! HELP!


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July 30, 2009
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lagrange indiana
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94 xlt
Ok, so here is the problem, about a year ago my blower motor stopped working, or at least I thought it did, when I turned on the fan from the switch inside it wouldn't do anything, a mechanic told me to try tapping the blower motor and if it kicked on it was the motor, well.... I did that and it kicked on for a moment then shut off so we replaced the blower motor with a brand new one. OK, well of course it still didn't work :mad: since then we have changed the connector going from the blower motor, replaced the switch inside the cab and still nothing, now we did take a single wire and hooked it to the battery and then to the positive on the blower motor and then the negative back to the original negative wire going to the switch and now we can turn on the blower motor but it only has one speed.. High, now WTF could it be??? ANYONE????

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You have by passed the blower resistor that’s why you only have high right now.

As for it not working with out the jumper check the fuse in the power distribution box under the hood. Also have you check changed the resistor?

ok, we have checked all the fuses and they all seem to be good, havn't checked the resister, what is it exactly? or were is it? lol

not exactly sure for where it is but the resistor is just that, a resistor that varies the power going to the blower motor that gives you the speeds of it, sounds like that might be your problem, the blower motor circuit is a very simple one.

ok, sweet! Thanks I will try that next! Thanks everyone!

It should be next to the fan. It is were the wires plug in and there is I believe two screws / nuts holding it on. Pull it up and look for a broken resistor wire or one that is sagging really bad. Do not try to fix just replace it there not to spendy.