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Heavy steering is happening right now(Help..!!!)


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August 8, 2003
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2001 SportTrac
My mom drove my X this morning (07.00 AM ET) to drop my brother and go to her job. Right before they got to my brother workplace, the heat temp. is up, battery sign blinking, a bit smoke coming out the hood and heavy steering. They stopped. Opened the hood and the cap for the coolent tank was open. Figured the smoke came from dripping water onto the engine. So I told my mom to wait till it cool down, put the cap back and see how it goes. Afterward, she said the temp. is back to normal, no more smokes but the steering still heavy and the battery check still on. Now, my mom used to drive a non power steering car and she said this time is even a lot heavier. What do you think guys..!

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I had this hapen to one of my prosches. it turned out to be a leak in the power stearing rack. Did you check the PS fluid?

sounds like your serpentine belt broke or is slipping

Antifreeze on the belt will cause it to slip.

Wash it off with a hose-lots of water.

better yet... when was the last time you replaced the belt?

check tensioner... it might be loosing it's grip.