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heeeeeelp !!! auto locking hub .


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June 19, 2009
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1991 XLT
Heeeeelp !
It's snowing outside , 1 feet layer of snow , and my 4x4 drive is not working .

Need help with my auto locking hub . The cam assembly on the front right wheel is broken into pieces . Can't find a replacement one . I searched the internet but it seems i can't find one , it only comes in a kit , with the hub . I don't need the hub , just the cam assembly . Does anybody know where could i find one , or a pair ?
I'm from Romania and a 91 explorer is a rare car . Dealers won't order parts for it , and if and when they do , it's very expensive .
Could someone tell me where could i order/buy just the cam assembly ? New or SH , but working .

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Try http://www.lmctruck.com . They carry hubs, and according to their catalog, they do ship worldwide. The phone # for worldwide orders is 1-913-541-0684

Sorin, I have one auto locker that won't lock in. I'm not convinced the hub is blown. I'm wanting to try a different cam and/or thrust washers first. In my quest of replacement parts, like you, I haven't found any on the internet.

this was the best I could come up with. Don't know if cam's come with it but suspect they do.

However I did find a local bone yard with a pair still on. I bought one with the cam. Haven't got done the trial error thing yet.

My main point here is that on both sides the cams still on the vehicle are *two piece*, the inner one metal and the outer one with the spring wrapped around it, is one piece nylon/plastic.
The new used replacement, the part with the spring around it, is 2piece, looks like brass for one part and steel for the other. Much more desirable.

Thinking about going back for the other one *just because*.

I don't have a good solution for you, only ideas. Some salvage yards are on a parts curciut. If one don't have the part, they find a yard that does and ship it in. But the run the price way up.
Get on craigs list, Try WTB (wanted to buy)- your old auto lockers. see if you can find someone going to manuals and get their old parts.

get rid of the crappy auto hubs an get a manual set, its a world of difference for the better.