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Heep towing capabilty


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June 17, 2004
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91 explorer xlt
well one of my buddies just got this 93 jeep wrangler 4cyl 5 spd, it has 6" of lift(3" body 3" susp) and 31's, i promised him id take him out wheelin with me, and i was wondering if he has enough torque to pull me out of a mud hole if i get stuck? whats the towin capabilty of those things?

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all depends on how bad you get stuck...noting really to do with towing capacity.....bring a come-along if you are really worried about it.

it just worries me because its a 4 banger

Its all depends on the type of recovery. Just for example, a few years ago, JDraper pulled me out with his Zuki. Essentially, when you are using a tow strap, make sure you give your truck gas when the other truck starts moving. A Come along will also help in some situations. Make sure you get one rated for atleast 3 tons.

ok thanks guys, if i zuk pulled out and xplorer i think a heep could

yeah, it all depends on how stuck you are, my friend got stuck in his superduty up to the cab and we couldnt pull him out with a combination of my ex and some friend's wrangler with a v8 durango in tandem. jackalls are a wonderful thing fot those situations, but i've seen a liberty help out a big rig that was stuck in snow

95offroadx said:
...was wondering if he has enough torque to pull me out of a mud hole...
que? torque? thats what low-range is for ;)