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Heiss Rd. Thursday April 1st (opening day)

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So this is just a road over by Detroit?

its actually in monroe, yes you could call it a road... but its the most challenging offroading i've ever done... its a pretty good time... i don't know if it would be worth it to come out from over there, but it would pretty cool if ya did

How long is this road? Do you think it would be worth a trip?

how long of a drive would it be for ya?

Probably around 2.5 hours

unfortunately i don't think it would be worth it... it would be awesome if you came, but its only like a 1 mile stretch, its just really extreme thats why everyone makes a big deal out of it...

Yeah....we have one of those seasonal roads over by Grand Rapids. If it was longer I'd probably make the trip over there but no go this time :(