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Hella 500 install

this weekend i just baught 2 hella 500's with the relay but no wires and no switch. Basically i've been trying to find some directions on how to install it, and considering it has no wires i'm a little lost on how to do it without electicuting myself. does anyone have a diagram or pictures i can follow to make the wires myself and install it with its own switch so i can turn them on and off independitaly? thanks

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I don't have a picture, but I think I can explain it quickly. There should be some other pics and instructions if you search.

1) fused power wire from battery to relay
2) power from a tapped interior fuse to switch (maybe wipers, or one of the lighting circuits)
3) ground switch if it's lit
4) signal wire from switch to relay
5) ground relay
6) power wire from relay split to 2 lights
7) ground each light

These instructions depend on the relay and switch you're using, but are pretty general. Hopefully my brain isn't scrambled and I didn't mess up.

well i called Hella today and they sent me directions via email or you can download them off there site at http://www.hellausa.com/maineng/NewLook/ProdServ/consumer/ps_install_main.htm I'm going to radio shack at lunch time and buying the 15A fuse i'll need, 14 guage wire and switch, and i already have the relay. One question though, i did the mod where you can have your fog lamps come on with the parking lights, can i use that wire to power these lamps? i want to do this because that wire is alread split.
Thanks for the help Alec your directions where right its just easier to figure out with diagram.

You should get main power directly from the battery or another direct, high capacity circuit. however, you can get switched power from almost anywhere.

Trying to power to 55W lamps from that wire would be like sucking a milkshake through a coffee stirrer. Not only do you not get much juice, but you will damage the donor circuit.

so i should just stick with taking power from the head lights. Because hella suggests having it connected the the postive of the battery and having it connected to the head lights too. I just want to make sure that when i turn my lights on my hellas wont go on I only want the hellas to go on when i turn the switch to them on. As well i dont want to cause a short and kill all my lights.


Yes, main power from the battery and the switch source from any other circuit, which is what I said twice above. Basically by using the headlight circuit for switch power you're putting a double switch on the system and both need to be on for the Hellas to work.

Thanks for the help... sorry i didnt catch that, this is my fist time wiring lights like this and its a little confusing.

Thanks again

Alec has pretty much covered it, but just to reiterate in different words.

You can use the headlight or the fog light wires to trip the relay for the lights. When done like this, the lights will only come on if the fogs or the headlights (depending how you wire it) are on. The relay itself will make the connection between the Hellas and the battery (thus Alec saying the "main power from the battery"). If you do it like this, you won't need to mount a switch inside the truck, or if you want further control, mount a switch inside the truck that interupts either the ground for the relay or the wire going from the fog/headlight to the relay.

I know I sometimes have to hear things a different way for them to make sense.

Connect the positive wire from the oem fog lights to pin 85 on the relay as shown on the Hella install page. That will take the place of the Hella switch and where to connect ect. All else on the install page is the same.

so basically i dont have to splice into the head lamp wires, i can just use the battery, switch,and relay it into the hella lamps.....and correct me if i'm wrong, this will allow me to switch the hella's on and off without the ford head lamps being on? I think i understand it i just want to make sure.


Originally posted by fvumbaca
so basically i dont have to splice into the head lamp wires, i can just use the battery, switch,and relay it into the hella lamps.....and correct me if i'm wrong, this will allow me to switch the hella's on and off without the ford head lamps being on? I think i understand it i just want to make sure.


Yes. But if you do it this way, you can run the risk of leaving the lights on when the truck is off. I always make sure mine cut off with the head lights or the truck.

But then again, this all depends on how you plan on wiring your relay and if you plan on ground or positive switching the relay. I'm not familiar with the Hella wiring diagram b/c I don't own any of their lights. Take the time to research the function of the relay. That will answer most of your questions. They're actually quite simple in theory and you can make them do what you want, instead of it doing what Hella wants it to do.

fvumbaca, Right & yes. You dont have to splice into the headlight wires and you will have the same use of the new fogs as you do of the old ones.

i'm having a little trouble gettting that lights to work.....i did everything the directions said.....The only thing i can imagine going wrong is i spliced into the wrong wire, the one i spliced into is the blue with green stripe on the passanger side head light, is this right? I tryed also connecting the wire which would normally go to the ford head light to the negative end of the battery, does this make electical sense, if i want the light to be only controlled by a switch? I also tryed to a new relay, switch, and wires.....nothing worked. I also tried this with the head lights, fog lights and high beams on.....once again nothing worked..... Just to be certain this is what i did step by step...

1. battery (postive) to a 15A fuse
2. 15A fuse to 30 mark on the relay
3. 87 mark on the relay to both lamps
4. 86 mark on the relay to ACC on the switch
5. power prong on switch to the ford lamps
6. I quickly placed the grounds where needed ( i hope this isnt what screwed me up?)

sorry for the long post, but this is really frustrating...i also baught these hellas used and he said they worked so i'm going on that assumption

Any help is appreciated

i just really want to know if i'm tapping into the right wire...which is going to the ford head light.