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Hella 500 No show?

Hey guys, I installed my Hella 500 lights on my safari bar last fall and they aren't working anymore. I haven't looked into in depth, but the grounds seem to be fine, the wires are getting power as far as I can tell and the is the line to the battery is still good.

Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be? Also there is a little black box on the wiring, I didn't know if this little diode thing could fry, maybe that's it?

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I always test my aux lights this way: get 2 wires (one negative & one for positive) and attach the wires directly from the light to the battery. If it does not light up, you got a burnt bulb. If it does, you got a loose wiring or bad relay. Do the test separately, one light at a time.

Have you double checked the connections to the bulb itself. I know when i installed mine the ground came loose on one, just a thought.


Thanks guys I'll try that out, but it's also just a matter of me getting out there and doing a little troubleshooting. ;)

I VOM or DMM can tell you all that you need to know. verify the grounds first. that is the most common problem on aftermarket car electronics. then check power to/from the relay. Bulbs and grounds were the 2 most frequent problems when I worked building cop cars. The fuses only blew when the ground was getting bad due to rust or something like that.