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Hella 500 ?

Just picked up a set of Hella 500's for my bumper. The plan is to run the 500's on the outside and a single Hella 4000 in the middle. I see the 500's are an H-1 bulb, im wondering how much of a difference it would make to upgrade it to a silverstar bulb??? Any opinions?

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If you have the extra $$$ lying around, then I say go for it. The SS definitely create much cleaner/whiter light.

I might give it a try. After i get the Hella 4000 ill convert it to HID, which i know cannot be done to the 500's. The lighting should be pretty sweet with the 3 lights together combined with my HID projectors

Why can't the Hella 500's be converted to HID? This is exactly what I'm wanting to do.
www.vvme.com <This site has HID kits, single and dual beam... any color temp and bulb type.. Why won't it work?

Unless you can find a shorter bulb there's no way it can work. The halogen bulb barely fits. The depth of the housings on the 500's is very very small. I actually abandoned this idea and got myself 3 hella 400's instead.

Damn, I see what you mean now. But I like the way they're slim...

I actually really want the KC Slimlite series... but they're a bit spendy. The Hella 500's are pretty cheap and are widely used.

This is going to look crappy... Halogen fogs or driving [whatever I get.. I just want to light up the road.. see more farther and around me... I might have to get a set of fogs and driving.. anyways]

It's going to look crappy... my 6000k Hids in the headlights with Halogen aux lights.......... =/

Any 'affordable' solutions?

Alright well... Hm... I think I'm going to go for Hella 500's, a driving light pair and a fog light pair... all bolted to the bumper. Will four lights fit on the bumper?

They should im not 100% sure though. The light output on the 500's sucks IMO. They are like mini spot lights and the beam really isnt great at all. One of my hella 4000's outshines a friends 4 500's.

I wish I could find comparison pictures... [hint hint]

Keep in mind, price is a big thing right now. I can always upgrade. But I don't want something that's worse than stock, or just as good. I want better, even if it's not the best.

I have 2 hella 500's (driving style) on my bumper, and they work excellent for what they are supposed to do. I got them cause at highway speeds I overdrive my headlamps. So they illuminate over a mile down the road.

I intend on putting some hella 500 fogs also, when the $ comes around.

Can't beat the price, I got them off craigslist for $40, they were just missing the relay.

I spent more on the clear covers than anything else.

If you want brighter, get some 100W H3 bulbs for your hella's, and they will work, but make sure you don't run them with covers or when stopped, apparently they get damn hot. I was going to upgrade, but they reason I got clear covers was so I don't have to get out to take them off, so I am happy with 55 watts.