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Hella HIP Blubs


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December 9, 1999
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1993 Explorer Sport 4x4
Does anyone have the Hella High Intensity Bulbs, and if so what do they look like and would you recommend them to anyone else.

Ryan Kelso
93 Explorer Sport 4x4
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Hella 500's
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i dont know about the hella bulbs, but i put PIAA plats. in my 93'- the differance is LARGE! Dead Link Removed there were a few posts some time ago about piaa replacement h/l that said there was really no diff. sorry but i have to disagree. good luck!

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Ryan - is the HIP like HID (High Intensity Discharge) or what? I have not heard of Hellas HIP lights, but Im sure they are like there other lights - you get what you pay for. I agree with Scott on the PIAA's. While we were in Moab Ryan and I shined his lights right next to mine. It wasn't that mine were so much BRIGHTER because we were lighting up trees about 25 feet away, but the whiteness was clear and you could definately see more ebcause of the whiteness.

Matt Adams
94 Explorer 4-door nick-named "Tippy"


The quote below is from www.catalog.com/susq Susquehanna Motorsports.

I skipped the HIP bulbs and went with the 100w 9004 replacements. They are very bright and well worth the small investment. Susquehanna does not gouge you on the shipping charges which makes it even better. PIAA is very good but way to expensive for my budget.

Best regards.

"The Korean Manufacturer calls them "Super White." Hella calls them "High Intensity Plus (HIP)." I call them still a little blue, not really white, but whiter than the old "Blue Star" bulbs. The HIP is a coated bulb that emits a bluish/white color close to that of the Gas Discharge headlamps on some Mercedes and BMWs. It's performance is far less than a Gas Discharge lamp however - In this case, it's the look that counts. According to the manufacturer, the color is a result of the composition of the gas and of a dichroic coating on the bulb."

'91 EB, 4dr, 2wd

I Have the Hella HIP's in my 97 Sport which I purchaced from Susquehanna Motorsports. They are definatly more white in color than than stock or other cars on the freeway. The "Replacement 9007 (HB5) 100/80w HIP Bulb" is slightly brighter and only 2 or 3 people flashed their brights at me at night so far (had that with the stock bulbs too) so I guess they're not too bright for the road.


'97 Sport 2WD
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