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Hella lighting suggestions needed

Greetings All-
I am looking at replacing my Hella FF50s (one glass is cracked and leaking) and could use suggestions. My FF50s use a H7 bulb and I love the brightness for dark nights and mild offroading. I looked at Hella Optilux 2500's with a 55W H3 bulb but am told they are not nearly as bright. My FF50s are so bright I really cannot use them under normal in-town driving conditions. While I wouldn't mind having something a little less bright to run in-town, I really do not want to give up the brightness when I need it.

Any experience with the Optilux series? Or another Hella product with the bright H7 bulbs? Or perhaps a light package from another manuf with equal brightness?

Thanks for the insights.

Are your Hella FF50s Driving lights or Fog lights? If you want to use them in normal in-town conditions, you would need the Fog light. Just as bright but the beam has a different configuration to keep it out of the eyes of approaching cars.
The Optilux series are the cheapies and should be avoided. IMO Hella shouldent have put their name on them. The 2500 would be a disapointment, compaired to your FF50s.
As a rule of thumb, the larger the light the better/brighter the light. So, the FF100 &/or the FF300 would be an upgrade to what you have now.
If you have the space to mount the lights...Go Large...