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Hella's don't work

The other day I was driving around in a torrential down pour and I had my Hella's on. After it stopped I looked at the two if them and one of the lights had moisture in the light casing itself. That went away like two days later. Then I was drilling through my firewall to make room for my new amp wire and I accidentally hit a wire and made a spark. That blew both of my fuses in my distribution block for my fogs and hellas. I replaced the fog light fuse and they work just fine but everytime I change the fuse and turn the hellas on the fuse blows. I have re-insulated the wires surrounding the hole. I have no idea what went wrong and why the fuse keeps blowing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds to me as if you have a short somewhere. I would replace all the wire leading from the switch in your cab to the relay. If that doesn't work, try connecting the lights directly to the battery (make sure the wire has a fuse in it). This will confirm that the problem is not in the light itself. Assuming the light work fine with this test, replace all the wiring the relay and the switch.

Also, if your Hellas are like mine, there is a grommet in the back of the light that the wire passes through, make sure the grommet is seated correctly. Also, there is a screw in the front holding the lens in place, make loosen the screw, make sure the lens is seated correctly and re tighten the screw (not too tight). There should never be any water in the inside of the light.

Keep us updated.

Cameron, I have the 500s on mine also. After going thru a fairly easy install, I was very frustrated when they didn't work. Turned out to be a bad relay out of the box. If you used the relay sent by Hella, that would be my first suspect based on my experience. BTW, I ended up bypassing the relay altogether, with no problems yet (1 year). I also did not wire them in with my headlamps, so I can't address any potential problems there.
good luck, I will be interested in the solution you come up with.

I don't suspect the relay is this case because they were working fine. But, it is very possible that the initial short could have damaged the relay. :shoot:

In any event, I have 4 of the Hella 500s. Two of them I have had for about a year and they work great. The new ones are on the roof rack (I plan on adding 2 more up there). I wired mine into the brights. That way, I avoid the need for a switch or the need to run any wires into the cab.

Matt Adams, what about selling those guys some PIAAs? :D

naw I try to keep my mouth shut when people say there Hella's aren't working... it'd be too easy, LOL.

I am gonna try replacing the relay later on today and there is no noticeable damage to the wire (like a cut in the insulation). I'll keep you all posted as to what happens.

Matt- I'd be willing to upgrade to PIAA's if I could get a deal (hint hint wink wink) :D

Matt...HELL YEAH, I would even be willing to put a 2'x3' sticker on both sides of the Sploder for a 'super' deal. After reading the thread about light damage from the 'brush' and how the PIAAs they used on the Titanic still work...I'm impressed. I always knew they were/are the best, but $$ is a factor.
Still need a Door Skin y'all.

LOL sorry guys I can't get any super deals... I give away lights occasionally though so attend the events we have (Truckhaven, Moab, Colorado Colors run) and pay attention to the message board, you never know, you might get lucky!

from M. Adams
naw I try to keep my mouth shut when people say there Hella's aren't working... it'd be too easy, LOL

Gee, how did I know when I read the subject line, you'd be ALL in this one gunning them down :shoot: LOL!! I can see Matt dancing around the pile of busted Hella's now, singing. PIAA, PIAA, Hella eaters. Had some lights and couldn't heat'em. Now I got some 80XL's and I like'm very well! :D

I know, pretty bad, but it was a spur of the moment thing.

as for the popping fuse issue, you must have a shorted/cross wire somewhere, keep tracing the line.